Wednesday, January 2, 2013

People are Eternal

Quick – what's the most important thing in this world? That's right. People. People are. Not work, not play, not your house, not all your stuff. People are. Why is that? What makes people so important?

I'm a Christian. According to that, and most other religions, people are eternal. They are the only thing that is eternal. Everything on this Earth will pass away, even the very Earth itself will pass away one day.

Think about that for a second. Everything we do, every project we take on, all the stuff we are trying to gather up, all that housework - all that effort is ultimately worth nothing. Except for any changes it makes in us.

I do not know of a more sobering look at my own list of things I want to do than that. It really helps me focus in on what's important. There's nothing particularly wrong with playing through Final Fantasy 1 for the 14th time, but possibly I should be doing something more important that involves other people.

Unless of course I just need a break, and playing Final Fantasy helps me relax and think about things.  Then that's ok.  

Yes I'm good at excuses too.

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