Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Chapter of Grace

With the birth of my second child, life has gotten... busy.  Always something to clean up or look after or play with.  Not much time left for God unfortunately. 

I know I could make more time for it.  I could.  But when I do get a minute, I am just worn out.  Exhausted.  Doing some deep reading or praying seems like too much work somehow. 

I do try to keep up with the simple prayers though.  Give me strength.  Guide me.  Thank you. 

And, somehow, that is enough for now.  He comes to me where I am.  He knows my heart and that I still do want to serve him.  He still does nudge me in the right direction.  Spend more time being creative with the kids.  Pay more attention to your wife after the kids are in bed.  Simple, practical things.  Makes sense.  I can do that.

Naturally this leads to more prayers.  Thank you for showing me these things.  I see they do need to change.  Keep me focused on what is important.  Show me how to be a better father and husband.  Give me the courage to change in order to do these things.

Soon enough, God will open up yet another chapter of His grace.  And the cycle will continue.  It's an amazing thing.