Friday, February 14, 2014


Karma.  There's an interesting thought.  Do "good" people get good things in their lives and "bad" people get bad things?  Clearly it's not a hard and fast rule.  I'm sure everyone can think of examples where it doesn't appear to be the case.  But on the grand scheme of things... is it something we can hope for?  When that guy cuts us off in traffic and we want to scream at him, should we hope he gets some painful indigestion at lunchtime?  I would say no.

First off, we don't know his circumstances.  Maybe he truly didn't see you coming.  Maybe he was in a frantic scramble to get to work on time so he didn't get fired.  We don't know what was going on in his head.

But let's pretend we do.  Or at least we know some of the situation.  Some people are just continuously selfish and mean to others.  Do they get punished for it?  Sometimes people do stupid things as a pattern.  Eventually, the odds are that something bad will happen to them, not because some cosmic force declared that it should be so, but just because they were doing stupid things and eventually got into a big mess because of it.

Sometimes though, things are more insidious.  Sometimes people are mean, but they are smart about it.  They deceive others, and even seen to get ahead in life.  They are doing even better than you, even when you try to follow the rules - most of the time anyway.  Does that make you angry? 

Turn your gaze inward for a second.  Are there things you do that make people upset?  Are there things you do that you know are wrong, but you have a million excuses for?  Of course you do.  Everyone does. 

You want fair.  God has said he will judge everyone fairly in the end.  Don't doubt it for a minute.  That person you don't like will get judged and punishment extended onto them.  Have no fear about that.  But - that same thing will happen to you.  And you also will fall short.  All of us are miserable failures in the end.  That's why we need grace.  We need grace on judgment day, and also grace here on earth when we do stupid things.

Clinging to that hope that others will have bad things happen to them - it's just poisoning you.  You have to let it go and forgive.  Every day, every minute if you need to.  This grace you extend is not just for them.  It's mainly for you.  So you can finally be free of worrying about it all and just live your own life!

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